Monday, April 06, 2009

Beauty and Health Care Fair

My Dear and I visited the Beauty and Health Care Fair held at the Suntec City Exhibition Hall last weekend. We were on our way to some other places around the city when we spotted a signboard at the lobby of Suntec City featuring the exhibition, thus up we went the escalators to 'jalan jalan' (visit). There were 3 exhibitons: a warehouse sales, a Bridal exhibition and not to mention, this Beauty and Health Care Fair.
It seemed to me that exhibitions and fairs have become all the rage in Singapore as I have visited a number of fairs and exhibitions in the past few months or weeks .

The Beauty and Health Care Fair was a well-organized event, with all the different areas of Health being represented: Health Prevention, Health Cure, Health Diagnosis. There was a raft of stalls offering things spanning from Hair Loss treatment to Skin Care.

There was also a health talk where health professionals spoke on topics such as skin care and hair care. The turnout at this event was impressive though I am not sure how many actually bought what were on offer.

The Bridal Exhibition, as my Dear and I found out later, was held in a very small room, not a hall! It turned out to be a solo exhibition by a Wedding Planner company, oh it was so misleading! We had to retreat when we saw only few tables and chairs and little exhibits in the room amidst a salesman's constant touting of his 'exhibition'.

The warehouse sales was Good too as we bought some items at Great Bargains, capping off a Great Sunday for the Two of Us!

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