Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Singapore mad men and women

Since Singapore Short Stories opened its blog for readers' contributions, Singapore Short Stories has received a dozen of readers' contributions, from Singapore and all over the world, on the very day after the invitation!
This can only bode well for Singapore Short Stories, as the stories in this Singapore's No.1 Short Stories blog will increase in variety,diversity, quality and richness. One can read stories shared not only by Singaporeans but also by friends from all over the world!
Many Thanks to all readers who have contributed, for those who have not contributed, do not wait, its your chance now!
Here is our FIRST reader's contributions, I titled it as Singapore mad men and women as no title is given, hope reader Tan find its okay. Here is Brother Tan's story:
"Dear author of Singapore Short Stories, many Thanks for opening your blog to all of us Singaporeans.
I just want to point out the case when an insane old man attacked Member of Parliament Seng Han Tong. MP Seng was seriously injured as the attacker was not sane. I am worried as sometimes on the street, I did observe one or two men behaving in a insane manner. I asked myself whether these mad men or women receive medical help. Why were they not inside MPH (Mad People's Hospital). Were they roaming the street as part of their integration to society? I do not want to be the next Seng Han Tong, thus I would stay clear of these mentally unsound people. I pity them but I also do not want to be near to them".
-Contributed by Tan C.H, age 16, student, Singapore


Anonymous said...

Is there really a MPH?

And congrats to Singapore Short Stories for the response it has gotten! XD

Singapore Short Stories said...

Dear Panzz,

Thanks for your support!

I think the author means the woodbridge mental hospital :)

Anonymous said...

i was also attacked in public by a mentally illed man abt 10 yrs ago. happened in the former National Lib at stamford road. i was using the computer to surf net, sneezing a few times. suddenly felt something hit me hard at the back of my head. i thought the ceiling has fallen down on me. turned out this mad guy find my sneezing getting on his nerves and hit me.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Eileen,

Many Thanks for leaving your comments on my blog.

I am sorry to hear of your experience.

I can see more and more mentally unsound people in Singapore, though they behave like normal people but I still can tell.

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