Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Singapore Executives

I reached home around 10pm tonight after a meeting.
Tomorrow there will be another meeting again which will see me coming home past 10 pm again.
This is life of an average Singaporean employees, especially those in the private sectors. Overtime, overwork and under-paid are the grouses of many private sector employees.
Who does not want to have more personal time? All of us have only 24 hours each day and with the bulk of our lives spend working, we only have a limited number of hours for ourselves and for our loved ones. Time always pass so see, now is already in the midst of February and it was as though yesterday that we ushered in Year 2009.
However such grouses about overtime and overwork would have been tuned down in the light of the current economic crisis which forces many employee to be retrenched, thus count our blessing if we are still employed! What is overtime compared to the loss of income?


Josephine said...

When I was working in KL, I used to leave office at 5pm sharp.
Now in Singapore, leaving office around 8pm daily...


eastcoastlife said...

I have been working hard for almost 30 years. Lately I sleep only 5 hours a night. Besides my business, I have taken on a few community projects, one being ABS.

I like my work and meeting people. I don't feel overwork, I regret not having 48 hours a day! :D

Work is not a drag if you grow to love it. It will take some time for you to understand.

Take care buddy. Happy V-Day!
psst... don't forget the flowers and chocolates. :)

Singapore Short Stories said...

ya Josephine, work day will always end late in Singapore, it is the case always!

Hi ECL, its nice to hear that you love your work. But not many people love their work else there will not be many work grouses.

Especially in an economic recession of such current magnitude, people have to be practical rather than ambitious in terms of career.

Happy Valentine Day to U too, ECL!

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