Sunday, February 08, 2009

Singapore Batman

Singaporeans, do not be surprised if you have Batman as your friend for Batman is really a citizen of Singapore.
Don't believe? click here to read more.
Wonder why he is given such a name. Recently in the west, there is a public outcry over a name given to a baby: Hitler.
Parents should be sensible and be responsible in giving a good name to their children. A wrong and funny name may cause their children to be ridiculed for a period of their lives until they change their names.
I wonder whether Batman likes his name.


Anonymous said...

LOL, have u come across any silly names yet ?

Nicole Kidman named her daughter Sunday Rose which somehow kept sticking to my mind as Sunday Roast ..

Then there is Apple, the daughter of Gweneth Paltrow .. people were speculating if her son would be named orange when he was borned ..

My dad gave us all very auspicious names. I didnt realised that until my chinese language teacher mentioned it. Translated into english, the essence of the names simply dissipates it seems :-/

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya Dutchie, somehow a name is too sacrosanct to a person, in my opinion.

A good name is important to a person.

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