Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Singapore Army Ghost Stories

Received this email story from a reader, it is up to you to believe the veracity of the story (pardon the Singlish style of his writing)

" This happened to my buddy and I during BMT. We were kena arrowed (SSS: appointed) to do guard duties one Saturday night. We were shui (SSS:unlucky) to do guard duties when all the others can book out on weekends. We take prowlers as we cannot stand still as sentry."

"It was tiring patrolling around the stupid island. It was dead silent in the night but we were happy prowling the island as we have not done before. We discovered many interesting things we have not seen before on the island during our training there. The checkpoints of the patrolling was tedious, requesting us to log in our rank, name and NRIC at every checkpoint….soon we were at the checkpoint which was close to the ammo dump which was very ‘popular’ as it was rumoured to be haunted."

"What so haunted about this ammo dump? we asked ourselves. We braved ourselves towards the eerie looking ammo dump like brave soldiers to check it out. To make ourselves bolder, we cracked jokes loudly and shout some hokkien vulgar languages as we approached the ammo dump."

"About twenty metres away from the dump, a white mist came floating up suddenly from the ground and enveloped us…………it was clearly not moisture or anything natural! We ran out like we have never run before!"
"Luckily we have signed the book at the checkpoint near the ammon dump before approaching it. That was our last shift, we went back to Guardroom, faces white like sheet, but lucky that we were unharmed!"


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha .... the white mass could easily hv been fog lah !

Actually my brothers in 3 different camps also hv such stories to tell when they came home on weekend leave. Nice entertainment, nevertheless - hehe.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, it might be fun to start a blog where all u former n present NS dudes could blog abt their hair-rising experience ! Would make a good read for sure !

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