Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quizzes for Singaporeans and All

I learnt of this fun and interesting quiz website which I believe you will like it too!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Blogthings Quiz. It was fun :-) The ease in which we only hv to click on the answers n the website working out the results.

Back in the old days when I was single, I used to buy several copies of women's magazines each month to read up what's happening in the lives of women on the other side of the globe. The magazines often offers quiz of this kind as well but I had to add up the score myself n check in the back page for the results. It's much better on a website !

Hv u tried playing mahjong or card games on the net ? Come to think of it, hubby has a stack of CD ROM games just sitting on the shelves n collecting dust *rolled eyes*. Those require patience - working up from level to level. He doesnt hv the time to play much but he cant resist buying them. When we go shopping for groceries, he always makes his exit to the CD shops to pick up yet another 5 games *sigh*. I might just put them on e-bay one of these day - hah *grin*

Singapore Short Stories said...

Thanks Dutchie for all your comments!

You have posted 7 comments in all on a single day!

I seldom play games one.. for me I prefer to keep myself fit and curious in life.

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