Monday, February 16, 2009

Now showing: The Bee Man of the Esplanade and CityLink Mall!

Dear Fellow Singaporeans,
If you have been to the Esplanade and City Link mall in the past one month, you may have catch a glimpse of what I called the "The Bee Man" of the Esplanade and CityLink Mall.
Ya, if you spot this guy who I am describing, this "Bee Man" is a young bespectacled, short, slightly fat man, carrying a haversack, ears plugged into a headset.
You may spot him behind you, muttering a humming sound at low frequency. As you are figuring out where does this humming sound comes from, you spot this "Bee Man", and there he goes, walking fast, and humming a loud, high pitch humming sound.
This "Bee Man" always emerge from some corner in the Esplanade and like a bee, flit off in a succession of hums and trots down CityLink mall, creating waves of curious stares, uncontrollable laughter and some people just thought this guy was 'siao'!
I have the unenviable opportunities to meet this "Bee Man" about 5 times while I was in CityLink Mall and Esplanade the past one month. Initially, I thought he was stresssed and was just playing a fool. But seeing this "Bee Man" continuing his stunts and repeatedly flits to and fro like a real bee from CityLink Mall to Esplanade, I would really want to ask the Bee Man:
"What are you doing?"
Have you seen this "Bee Man" before?


eastcoastlife said...

I have not seen this guy as I don't work around that area. :)

Singapore Short Stories said...

I see, ECL.

I hope u dun see him cos he is quite weird..

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