Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"ME" Time

Recently I came across new coined word: "ME" time.
"ME" time is a concept of time for oneself. With a majority of us working hours everyday, it is paramount to set some time for ourselves, the time that is "ME" time.
"ME" time is time meant for us, time meant for us to do personal things and not be at the beck and call of our superiors.
Come to think of it, time always seem to fly. Rather than burying our lives working and working (but sometimes we cannot help it), it is time to have some "ME" time for ourselves.
Taking care of our spirit, health and soul is paramount, we need constant rest and time for our body and soul to rejuvenate to tackle greater challenges in the future.
As oppose to "ME" time, I heard of quite a number of working employees engaging in "Face time"? So what is "Face time"? "Face time" is time after work when employees having little work on hand, still deliberately stay back and idle around the mouse, surfing the net, trying to impresss their bosses that they are working.... hmm a bit hypocritical act right?
Time is for us to make full use of!

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