Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to get rid of the excess salt and MSG in your body?

I have spent money again on today's lunch on food which has so much salt and MSG that it is just so plain disgusting!
The local authority should not just grade food stalls according to their hygience but also the 'healthliness' of the food to us, consumers.
As a result of the MSG and salt partaken, I feel so thristy that I drink like a hippo; stomach bloated and yet the feel of saltiness still pervade.
I went for a run this evening to sweat the salt out. Running a google check on the internet, I could hardly find any way to get rid of the excess salt and MSG we have partaken accidentally outside.
Does anyone have any ideas to get rid of this excess salt? Drinking water does not help, and I could only think of exercising to rid this salt via sweating.
Singapore has lots of good food but also lots of food laden with a plethora of sugar, salt and MSG.
Be discreet next time you choose your food to consume. We are what we eat!


Anonymous said...

It is very strange that u need to get rid of the salt in ur systeem as compared to white expats who needs to take salt tablets to replenish their salt "loss" thru excessive perspiration in the hot climate !!

Yes, the processed food here is also loaded with salt. I was just telling hubby today that I had to drink 3 glasses of water after chewing on a smoked sausage for lunch ! Y'day the media was hounding 22 brands of the said sausage bec there were too much saturated fats in them. So, it was a double whammy down my gut :-/

Even products that r "low fat" or "light" r not to be trusted even though we hv to pay more for them bec we thought they were better for our health *sigh*

What to do indeed with this avalanche of unhealthy food ?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Dutchie, is it not sad that food sellers are overdosing our food with salt and msg just to make the food taste nicer.

eastcoastlife said...

Due to the higher costs of ingredients, many hawkers have to cut costs.

I discover some established food stalls using powdered soup stock instead of boiling chicken or pork bones for hours to brew a good pot of stock. That expalins the MSG.

I have cut down on eating outside food.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya Dutchie and ECL, in the past, I love to eat soupy food outside because I thought they were less oily and less fried.

But I think I am wrong. I am always very thristy after a soupy meal, I believe it has to do with the MSG and salt that is added in spoonfuls to the soup to make them more tasty.

So these days, I will drink only a bit of the tasty soup and discipline will guide me to leave 90% of the soup intact.

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