Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Game for All!

It has been decades since I have played a real good computer game, so imagine my excitement when I was introduced to a great game gadget: Xbox 360 by one of my buddies just a month back!

These days, I have been spending my time these days after work and other commitments playing Xbox 360 . I am now totally hooked on it as the gadget is so, may I use this word, intoxicating! For more details on Xbox 360, do check it out here!

Just one week back, I introduced this game to another buddy, what transpired next was that he became addicted and now he fared much better at the game than me! Well, I am not sure how on earth did he manage to play better than me, did he rely on cheat codes? I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt as we are afterall brothers… hehe. The last I heard of him is that he is doing some hacking of the game, I am not sure what that means, till I researched further and found this link!

For now, I am going to play Xbox360 for a little while before I sleep. I am confident that I can thrash my buddy soon and update you guys on this right here in my blog!

Wish me lucks!

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