Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Cow and Bull Story @ Singapore Philatelic Musuem

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, my Dear and I visited the Singapore Philatelic Musuem open house after our visit to the Peranakan Musuem.
Surprisingly, the Peranakan Musuem was just a stone's throw away from the Philatelic Musuem, thus after visiting the Peranakan Musuem, we headed for the Philatelic Musuem again and it was our second time there.
The majoroty of the exhibits in the Philatelic Musuem was what my Dear and I have seen before on our previous visit. However, there is a fresh exhibit called 'A Cow and Bull Story' in the museum in line with the Year of the Bull (though many have always say 'Year of the Ox', but as I have learnt, an Ox is a castrated bull!) I believe this exhibit will be there at the musuem for a year as the previous exhibit of the 'rat and mouse' stamps have been ongoing for a year.
There were artworks, stamps, interesting information about all things cow, bull, ox, buffalo, bison, yak, wow not bad.. I could remember some of these cowly terminology! My knowledge about cow has increased immensely since the visit to the Philatelic museum that I become a cowboy, just joking. Cowboy is no longer a heroic term after the Chinese director, John Woo, shot a flim called 'Brokeback mountain' with the theme on gay .. haha just joking, I am 101% heterosexual.

Below was really the head of a REAL buffalo, shot by a gun. What an excellent preservation! This buffalo is fortunate to be preserved for Singaporeans to see and learn more about cows unlike its counterparts.

Cows are very useful animals to humans and thus they are also very pathetic as man makes use of all parts of cows, just see below diagram on those delicious dishes we devour often from cows!

Some religions have some practices for their followers not to eat beef. Personally, I also try not to eat beef as it is passed down as one of the practices of my religion. The premise is cows work hard for man, ploughing the soils for harvesting and giving us milk, yet we still eat them, the animal which give us great sources of food.
As the world grapples with the economic crisis, let us hope that the market will be bullish soon, befitting a year of the bull!

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