Sunday, February 01, 2009

City Alive!

My Dear and I attended City Alive!, Singapore's Biggest Street Party held right in front of City Hall from 10 pm, 31 Jan 09 to 3 am, 1 Feb 09.
Organized by the People Association Youth Movement (PAYM), this year's City Alive! was the second year this biggest Singapore street party was staged. In year 2008, the street party was named as City Jam and the crowd then was nowhere near what was seen last night when revellers and party-goers almost burst the barricades of St Andrew's Road in front of City Hall, the road where the party was held.
As usual, the party followed right after Chingay parade, transforming the century old colonial building into a giant disco! It was unbelievable that an old colonial building which has seen watershed historical moments became transformed into a giant disco stage!
DJs featured in City Alive last night included big names like Sassy Pandez, the DJ touted as the sexiest DJ alive by Maxim; DJ Sarasa from Japan and Singapore' DJ Koflow from Singapore.
The party-goers danced, revelled like there was no tomorrow. Food and drinks including beer were served at the various stalls along the road. The music emanating from the sound systems was real deafening!
Half of the party goers were westerners and it was evident that they had a terrific time at the party as the Singaporeans.
At 3 am sharp, the music stopped.....though many at the party would have agreed with singer Rihana "Please don't stop the music". With the cut of the music, the festive celebration events of Chinese New Year will also be coming to a close with the last two festive events: Sentosa Flower Festival and River Hongbao closing today (1 Feb 09).
I would like to applaud the Singapore government for creating such a great buffet of festive Chinese New Year events for Singaporeans during this Chinese New Year festive season. These make Singapore truly hype up the glam and fun factor of our country and also temporaily take the blues off fellow Singaporeans facing the crunch of the economic recession.

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eastcoastlife said...

You party until 3 am!? Wah! So mush stamina!

Aunty old ledi. Cannot tahan so late.

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