Monday, February 09, 2009

Brightest moon in 52 years on Yuan Xiao Jie

Today is the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar month: Yuan Xiao Jie. This day marks the end of 2 weeks of festive Chinese New Year celebrations and visiting.
Yuan Xiao Jie is also the Chinese Valentine Day! I deserve a beating for I only remember this fact while I am typing my blog and chatting with my Dear over the MSN. I would have brought her to see the Brightest moon in 52 years on this special date!
Yeah, tonight the moon is at its brightest, fullest and biggest. I have never seen a moon so big and bright as it is tonight.
Look up at the sky now if you are reading my post now on 9 Feb 09, Singapore Time!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing that we r looking at the same big bright moon !

The skies here tends to hang so low that I could almost touch the moon ! The early dark hours (at 1630hrs) just emphasise its clear beauty n I could enjoy it on the next morning since the skies will still be dark enough for the moon to be seen ! Interesting fact abt the chinese valentine. I hv not heard of it b4 ;p !

Singapore Short Stories said...

wow thats nice Dutchie!

For us Singaporeans, the moon is so high up! that we can never dream of touching it at all!

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