Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road to Success is paved with Stones thrown at us by others

On our road to Success, there will always bound to be people who try to distract us from reaching our destination by their hurtful comments.
I have learnt not to have my emotions be at the control of these persons, whose hurtful comments may spoilt an entire day for others.
I have learnt to control my emotions, and not to have my emotions be swayed, hurt by others.
Think of it this way, if these people can destroy your confidence just by saying some words, will not they be very powerful people? having control and an impact on how we behave and hurt our self esteem.
No, these people are just NOTHING to confident persons. A confident person realises that time on this earth is short and there are far lots of important things to be done during one's short lifetime on earth than to sit down and wallow in pity after hearing some unkind words from others or to argue with them.
A confident person knows that those people who come in regularly to throw a spanner in our life and hurts us with all sorts of comments, are wasting our time, diverting us from the goals we are progresssing towards.
Too bad, in this world, there are many people are quite superficial, focusing on the material things in life and not the spirtual things. There are many people who are hypocritical and have vested interest or personal agendas in the things we work with them.
Not that I am not trusting in nature, but life is really as such! It is the rule of the jungle in work and there are many crocodiles, tigers, lions in the corporate jungle.
My personal experience in life hiterto has attested to the fact that more people in life are unkind though there are also good Samaritians.
Unkind people may resort to using all sorts of malicious and devious tricks and deceptions to rise to the top of the rungs in career and other arenas but these would not last.
I believe in the rule of Karma. Let not others hurt you, you are in charge of your emotions 100%!
I was once an unconfident person but essentially good person who unfortunately was bullied by others before due to my good nature and also to mention, be hurt by other's mocking and jeering due to some unperfect phyiscal attributes!
But I have learnt to soldier on in life, and not let my life by ruined by those stupid people who would always harm,hurt you due to jealousy, envy or some personal agenda.
Eleanor Roosevelt: "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." Life is short, people's hurtful words will not hurt us, and they will be angry to see their hurtful words will have no effect on us.
Let us strive towards our goals and let our detractors see what we are capable of!


eastcoastlife said...

I'm used to the tactics of such losers. :D

I live happily for them to see. Let them tear their hair out. I don't care. haha....

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya, ECL, we shall not bow to those who want to bring us down!

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