Monday, January 05, 2009

Withdrawal syndrome

The past two weeks have been spent celebrating, indulging in great food and a host of good fun while celebrating Christmas and the New Year. In line with this festive mood and ‘in conjunction’ with these two end-of-year holidays, I have also taken some leaves.

These days spent partying and out of the office were reminiscent of the school holidays I was entitled to many years back ... there seem to be no worries of anything… thus when my alarm clock rang early in the morning, signaling the start of yet another office day, a morning ritual which has grown quite unfamiliar recently, I was jolted back into the jarring reality of work!

But the surprise was short-lived as I jumped out of bed soon, ready to face a new year at and of work. I believe my enthusiasm was attributed to hope, the hope for an even better year. Resolutions for the year ahead, which I have penned down some days ago, also helped to generate such a momentum.

And the partying mood seems not to end that fast either, for we are embracing Chinese New Year in less than 3 weeks. There will be even more yummy Chinese delicacies and treats and fun jostling with the Chinatown crowds on the eve of the Chinese New Year!


Josephine said...

Tung Tung tung cheang! tung tung tung Cheang! CNY is just around the corner.

Nicole said...

atleast you have another holiday soon!!! In australia there is no CNY holiday!!! crap!!

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Josephine,

I am not too sure if Malaysia allows firecrackers to be played leisurely?

Care to advise?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Nicole,

hmm cos Chinese New Year is not a native festival in Australia ba.. thats why?

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