Friday, January 16, 2009

Windy Singapore

For the past week, Singapore has been hit with a cold spell, sending temperatures down to 24 degrees and lower. To make matters worse, the winds have been blowing day and night. Not the mild breeze that are felt more often in Singapore, the winds that have been blowing these days here in Singapore average 30 to 40 km per hour, almost twice the speed of the winds usually felt!

I dread being in the open these days. My hair will be blown and ‘savaged’ by the strong winds! The winds are cold and it is definitely not a pleasant feeling to be greeted by them. One is prone to catch the flu bug more easily standing right in the passage of such winds.

Singapore is a hot and humid country, while cool weather is definitely welcome and much relished by Singaporeans, the weather these days is an ‘overkill’! I do not mind the cold weather, the days the sun goes hiding amidst the clouds, but not the cold winds. Winds will just aggravate the feeling of coldness.. one will feel even colder when there are winds alongside a cold weather.

Singapore is not the only country experiencing ‘funny’ weather these days. Some parts of Thailand experience temperatures as low as 2 degree Celsius, resulting in some of its people to be frozen to death.

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