Sunday, January 18, 2009

Uncommon Strong Winds in Singapore-Fictional Story Part 2

A 101% fictional story:
The strong winds continue to pound little Singapore today (apart from this sentence, the rest of the story is just pure fiction!) and sweepers are having an increasing workload sweeping additional thousands of fallen leaves and as mentioned in Part 1 of the story, fallen hair from humans!
Scientists have decoded that the tonnes of fallen hair found in the refuse collected come not only from human, a few good percentage of hairs came from animals like cats and dogs.. it seems that little animals are affected by the strong winds too.
Scientists have also established that a good 10% of human hair found in the debris come not from the hair. In-depth analyses of the DNA of these hairs revealed that these hair are armpit hairs and fine moustache hairs.
"No wonder some of these hair stink!" Mr Alamak, a sweeper cried in agony upon hearing the unpleasant truth. "I thought these hairs come from people who do not wash hair at all, now knowing the truth, I want to puke as I have inadvertently taken some of these hair to smell to see what the worst smell a hair can possibly garner if there is no shampooing!"
Mr Mark, a businessman who has spent thousands on hair loss therapy remarked that he has suffered thousands of dollars in losses, attributed to the stong winds in Singapore. No, it is not losses in his businesses, Mr Mark commented. But when pressed by the media, Mark walked away, refused to reveal more. Close friends of Mark then revealed to the media that Mark has spent $12,000 over a year to grow some hair from his balding spot. "Hmm, it is an embarrasing problem, if I were him, I will also not reveal to the media.. imagine 10 pieces of new growth hair, all destroyed within seconds when Mark comes out of his bungalow coincidentally on the first second the strong winds hit Singapore!", a close ally of Mark, who only wanted to be known as Mr X commented.
Meanwhile, not all Singaporeans and businesses shun the strong winds that have hit Singapore. A giant ferris wheel which was hit by a technical glitch some months back and was closed till now, was suddenly found to be rotating non-stop without any power or fuel.. all thanks to the strong winds. "Wow, that could be saving the company thousands of dollars and save mother earth.. imagine no fuel needed, just a constant supply of strong wind!" someone jested.

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