Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday afternoon, I put in close to 4 hours, spring cleaning my cupboard. Actually there was not much unwanted stuff to dispose of as being a simple man with simple needs, I always take no more than what I need, own no more than the most basic things in life. Luxury items are few and out of my priorities, though at times, I do indulge in some treats else life would have been meaningless.
I took out all my paraphernalia from the shelves, drawers of my cupboard onto my floor and within minutes, I was confounded by the raft of my personal was such a mess!
I dusted, swept and wet-clean my cupboard, leaving it to dry, while I sorted out the array of my belongings. There were not much things to dispose of as I looked through each and every of the little items. There were some relieving moments as I finally found an item I have been searching for some time: an ornament containing a rare stamp bearing some words for thought, given to me by one of the bosses I have served. The words contained in the ornamanent serve as a reminder for me for my life, as I will constantly remember those motivating words.

At other times, my spring cleaning brought me back down to memory lanes as I found some items which I have not seen for ages, in particular a story book which was an award given to me during my primary school days many many years back. The pages of the book have since turned brownish, nevertheless, the book is one of the books that will be in my heart for life.
It is quite tiring, sweeping, dusting, cleaning and poring over my 'barang barang' all at the same time. As I spring-cleaned, I grew more and more tired, but I persisted through the cleaning in the unforgiving hot weather.
Alas, my spring cleaning of the cupboard was done! I could have, like many other Singaporeans, choose not to carry out spring cleaning, but it would have taken out some festive Chinese New Year fun as spring cleaning is an enduring feature of the festival.
I feel that I have done my small part for the New Year with the completion of my spring cleaning! My parents are the Chairpersons of the 'organizing committee' for the spring cleaning of our home, cleaning and washing my house till it is spick and span and thereafter decorating our home like a palace, ready to usher in the Chinese New Year. I could have done more, if not for my work and other committments. Nevertheless, at least I have done the cleaning of my own cupboard and help my family to sweep the floor, I do hope these two factors will serve as a redeeming factor :)
The Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) is a disappointment once again during this festive season. Almost all of the holiday shows and movies it will air during this festive break have been telecast before, if not, many times. It is such a shame! How could TCS expect Chinese viewers to be happy watching shows that are things of the past? This goes to show the low emphasis TCS has on its viewers. This is part of the reason why for all these years, I have not supported TCS, watching its local production. Even for such an important festival like Chinese New Year, all TCS can offer to viewers is dinosaur movies! (no I am not talking about Jurassic Park, I mean 'dinosaur' taken figuratively, though Jurassic Park and its sequels have also been screened on local TV many many times too!)
I am pleased when my Malay and Indian friends wish me a Happy Chinese New Year! This small greeting exemplifies the success Singapore has achieved in integrating its local people: Chinese, Malay, Indian to live harmoniously in this multi-racial society.
I wish all of you Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Ummie said...

How I wish my husband can spring clean like you did.
His CNY revolves around work since his mother passed away almost 5 years ago.
My daughter decided not to take a break from her study since she noted that her father did not differentiate CNY from other working days.
Which comes first? Work or family?

Anonymous said...

Spring Cleaning - hm .. it has a nostalgic ring to it. A fresh coat of paint, special CNY curtains, cushion covers n dusting off all the paraphernalia to be used during the festive days.

Being the sole domestic slave in this house, Spring Cleaning comes every weekend *sigh*

Yes, we do get carried away when sifting thru old mementos n lost track of time n the original aim - hehe.

Our TV is also full of the same old regurgitated films every Xmas (comparable to CNY, being the significant festival of the year). I guess the Co has become complacent being the sole provider !

Sing Nian Kwai Ler :-)

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Ummie,

Famiy should always come first.

Hmm, I think your husband is too tired to do a spring clean after work.

Maybe he can chip in with the spring cleaning on days when he is off?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Dutchie,

Happy Niu Year to you too!

So do you celebrate CNY in Holland too? Is there a Chinatown there too?

Anonymous said...

We shop once a year at the Chinatown in Amsterdam which is 85km from home. However, the TV shows only the Lion Dance from Rotterdam (city with 20+ ethnic groups). 270km is way too far to travel in this freezing weather.

Yes, I did hv a mini CNY celebration bec hubby is abroad. It would be nice if my in-laws would make the effort to remember this occasion n come round to make a feast of it. I hv always done all the cooking when there is an occasion for celebration. That's our ingrained asian hospitality which is hard to shed.

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