Sunday, January 11, 2009

One eye dragon

‘One eye dragon’ is not the appellation of a mythical animal that has been discovered in Singapore recently. It is the nickname given to a dangerous gunman.

One eye dragon was hanged on Friday 9 Jan 2009 for a brutal murder case he has committed. In a surprising move, One eye dragon turned his heart to Buddhism during his final days in jail (and in life) and instructed his family to donate his organs to the needy. One eye dragon was said to be stoic towards his death.

One of the recipients of One eye dragon’s organs was retail magnate, Tang Wee Sung who was convicted in court last year of trying to buy a kidney. A donated organ, a retail magnate and a brutal gunman, these serve as fodder for the local evening press and coffeeshop talk. This real life story that unfolds in Singapore seems so surreal in our country which has prided itself on having one of the safest homes in the world; in fact this real life story seems more suitable for the plot of a typical Hong Kong serial drama.

Just as Singaporeans thought the donation of One eye dragon’s kidney marked the climax of this rare ‘murderer turned Philanthropist’ plot, and the end of the existence of One-eye dragons in Singapore, a NEW one eye dragon made the headlines today, and without a doubt for another morbid reason.

This NEW one eye dragon was a 70-year old man, who did not commit yet another murder, but still a form of crime: arson or a more appropriate term ‘People arson’ !

The most shocking part of this new developing story was that the NEW one eye dragon did not just start a fire on anyone, the victim of the crime he has perpetuated was actually a member of the Singapore’s parliaments, Mr Seng Han Thong! Mr Seng was reported to sustain 10% body injuries.

This new one eye dragon was arrested and detained in jail. I am not sure whether Singapore has anymore one eye dragons waiting to inflict crimes?


Anonymous said...

Much has been written abt why crimes r committed. The less educated tends to get on the wrong side of the law bec they never figured out the big picture. Others over-reacted in a heated moment with great consequences after the fact. Then u hv people who r borned evil n will wreck havoc in other people's lives.

I'm glad the passing of a harsh sentence is left to the judge. Ending a life must plagued his mind for sure.

The noose in Sg is much critised in Europe, where narcotics cases r punished with a light sentence, for instance. Folks here thinks that the noose has not rid Sg from narcotics. I personally thinks that it has kept it under control. Our DEA has turned this combat into a merry-go-round. They collared the suspects n then they r freed to do it yet again *sigh* This indulgence has spilled over by way of robberies n breaking-ins to support their habit. I'm all for the cold turkey treatment or an incarceration on an uninhabited island, so that the rest of us could live safely.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Hi Dutchie,

care to share what is DEA?

Capital punishment does act as deterent for serious crimes.

Anonymous said...

DEA - Drug Enforcement Agency.

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