Sunday, January 18, 2009

Labrador Park

My Dear and I visited Labrador Park yesterday 17 Jan 09. It was our first time there at Labrador Park, a park which was not commonly known to many Singaporeans. Even for a street-wise guy like me, I still do not know its existence till recently.
There we went.. to Labrador Park. It is a park unlike many others, for it is a gem of a park which combines rich historical past, marine and corral biodiversity with splendid waters, winds and scenary.
We were quite lucky to catch sight of an interesting weather phenomenon (see picture). There were some gaps among the thick overcast clouds, sending the rays of the blazing hot sun in amazing scattering to the sea.
It looks like the arrival of a divine being to Singapore!
(Visit to Labrador Park: to be continued)


Mike V said...

Hi! There's a new resort chalet next to the seafood restaurant in the vicinity of the new extension. Do you by any chance know the the name of said chalet?

Singapore Short Stories said...

Yes, Mike, I saw the restaurant yesterday but did not really catch the name of it.

So sorry.

Mike V said...

Ah okies. No worries then. Cheers!

IcY said...

the pic is real nice!!

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