Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Is Singapore boring or are Singaporeans boring?

For many Singaporeans, weekends are commonly spent squeezing with the incessant throngs of humans in the shopping malls, in the theatres or in the restaurants.

An outing in the town on weekends is supposed to be a reprieve away from work for many, but the cacophony and the human jams experienced on such an outing often tire Singaporeans more than they actually heal them.

Heading down to shopping malls on weekends may be understandable as the malls offer cool relief and comfort from the country’s unbearable heat, an enduring feature in Singapore.

Though Singapore has a slate of shopping centres to choose from, the ritual of hopping from one shopping mall to another on weekends can be boring after sometimes for a number of us.

This finally leads to some Singaporeans easily dismissing Singapore as boring as in their perception, there is nothing much to do on weekends except visiting shopping malls. However, there is an irony here: just as these Singaporeans dread the boredom of going to shopping malls again and again, they still seem to relish it, judging from the flood of humans at the malls on weekends. Or do they simply have no other choice of venues to go?

For those Singaporeans who enjoy and will not be tired of shopping week after week, good luck to them! They are highly needed in this period of economic downturn.

For the other half, I would like to state unequivocally that Singapore is not that boring as they make out to be, they just need a bit of tweaking of their personality.

By that, I mean they should be more curious and less apathetic. In fact, Singapore is not that boring, it is the modicum of places in Singapore they visit so frequently that fosters such an impression.

Singapore has in fact a lot to offer, from natural parks, cultural and heritage spots, to rural farms, cycling and adventure trails. You may refer to my label ‘Places’ in this blog for a list of interesting places in Singapore I have visited.

Many of the historical spots here are even open free to all on public holidays! On New Year day, I was a tad disappointed to see only a handful of Singaporeans at the Stamp Museum, which my Dear and I visited the place, despites a publicity blitz by the National Museum Board on the open house.

One of my favorite current hobbies is exploring Singapore. It is sad to see many lamenting Singapore as boring when they have not really explored it; on the contrary, they know more about other overseas places they have visited than our homeland.

Stay tuned to my blog, where I will take you to many interesting places in Singapore, coupled with very refreshing insights!
Too bad, I still have a full time work and many many commitments, else I will just spend hours blogging on this site, offering you a privileged view of the uncelebrated place in Singapore which ought to be celebrated!

But do not worry, stay tuned to this sight for more interesting places in Singapore as I will venture north, south, east, west of Singapore and scour the most intriguing happenings on this little island!


Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to live near the Botanical Gardens, where my family n friends could go for a jog, a walk in the morning or a picnic on Sundays. I still go there when I visit Sg even tho my family has moved to a central district. Strolling thru the green landscape always soothes the mind after a hectic trip at the malls in Orchard Rd.

Btw, if u take a look at u will notice how often the chatters there complained abt being "so sian". I was so put off by their negative attitude that I hv stopped going to that site.

Singapore Short Stories said...

ya agree with you Dutchie that some Singaporeans are simply whiners!

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