Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009- Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2009

Happy New Year, everyone! This post marks the first post in this brand new year 2009!
It is 2.35 am now, Singapore time on this date 1st Jan 09 and like many other Singaporeans, I was not asleep yet, having just come back from the Marina Bay Countdown 2009 at Marina Bay.
For Friends outside of Singapore, Marina Bay is actually the area you see on the top backdrop of my blog. Marina Bay is the most happening place to be in, during New Year eve, National Day and other major events like the Singapore Grand Prix!
And so it was, Marina Bay just hours ago, jammed packed with a strong crowd of 250,000! (just an estimated number from the authorities). This number could be even greater as my Dear and I as well as many were prevented from crossing the road leading to the Marina Bay area from Fullerton Hotel by the police, in order not to add to the already oversaturated Marina Bay area.
Prevented from crossing the road to be in the thick of action, my Dear and us as well as hundreds of Singaporeans could only contend with watching the fireworks from the kerb near to Fullerton Hotel. Commotion broke out between some irate Singaporeans and Foreigners with the policemen on duty as the former, like many of us on the kerb just want to be where the action was. The police special operation force was activated to deter some of the would-be 'trangressors'.

Alas, when the first spark of fireworks took to the sky, all hell broke loose as hundreds of spectators just rushed out from the kerb side onto the road to watch an unbridled view of the spectacular fireworks!
Happy New Year to all readers and your family! May your new year be one fille with joy, health and prosperity!


Tikno said...

Great celebration.
Happy New Year

Josephine said...

Happy new year.
I din go any where!
But I was so lucky, i can view the fireworks from my room. The one in Vivo City!!!

Singapore Short Stories said...

Welcome Tikno to my blog!

Josephine, wow think you must had a Great view of the fireworks!

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