Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chingay Parade Singapore 2009 Wonderland

The annual festive parade of the year, Chingay is hitting the street on 31 Jan 09!
On that splendid night, beautiful and simply amazing floats will be aplenty!
Having been to some of the previous Chingay parades, I must admit whenever I see those floats, I find myself being transported to Wonderland.... no wonder that is the theme for this year Chingay parade!
How nice Wonderland will be.... void of all the mundane problems that beset us! But life is no wonderland, there are always challenges in store for us to overcome. With the overcoming of each challenge, we grow wiser and more experienced.
To take a look at some of these awesome floats, please visit this website. (dun worry, the website is normal website, just that its URL is of a non-standard format).

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