Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Everyone has his or her problems. I am no exception.
I may be blogging here religiously everyday, writing about some fun things I do, or some observations I have in my everyday life and sharing these with you religious readers, but I myself am confounded with problems too.
Sometimes, one's problems may seem BIG but when one meets another person and see for himself that this person has an even bigger problem than himself, one finds that his own problem may seem so small or at least become smaller.
As an example, some gals may think they look ugly, but they should be blessed with what they have for I have really seen gals whose faces are scarred badily due to some accidents, I suppose; but life still needs to go on, and here they are, braving the stares from hundreds of people each time they step out of their home and soldiering on in life.
I can feel stressed at times due to problems and the fact that certain things in life is hard to change. One way to lessen the bad impacts of problems is to relax: go for a very fast run till you breathe and perspire deeply or go for a vacation and let your mind wonder and be curious about new things again.
We need to be curious and let our minds explore new horizons, going to different environments is relaxing, example going to overseas countries, experiencing a different culture and etc.
And that is the reason I like to or rather I start to explore trekking among the natural wonders of Singapore, such as inside the Macritchie forest trail. The first time, I went to trek inside the forest, I did it solo, can you imagine how exciting, how relaxing and at times, scaring, to venture alone in a world that is cut off from civilisation, only to be greeted with trees, leaves and grasses from top to bottom? Interested readers, can reply via a comment to my post, the next time we can form a small group to navigate the forests and experience the thrills of being in nature.
It does get boring everyday to wake up, be stuck with the jams of people in buses and MRT or to be jammed in the traffic jams, eat the MSG laden food at food centres, go back home, shack and tired after a long day at work, or after being scolded by bosses, or doing unproductive things at office.
I don't know, sometimes I feel like everyday we are spending so much time at work, trying to earn that few thousands to sustain our and our family living and leaving little time for bonding with our loved ones.
At times, I hate it! Hate this kind of rat race, hate the kind of curry-favoring, hate the kind of people who automatically rise to the top of ranks, and overrules others who are more capable than them, just because of some status they have obtained earlier in life.
But that is life. Unless one is bold enough to break away from this rat race by becoming an entrepreneur and bold enough to take risks, the risks of business failing.
I admire entrepreneurs who have make it big in life. Some are lucky, many are due to determination. But one should always give back to community by helping the less fortunated.. that is the hallmark of success!
(I am surprised, I am able to write such a long message tonight, was initially thinking of what to write tonight to share with you, my ardent fans!, anyway do feel free to comment on my blog, lets make my blog more participative! You need not have a Blogger account to post comment, anomoymous (i can never spell this word correct) are also welcome!)
Good night!


Anonymous said...

Besides the vibrant nightlife of singapore. The Arts and Entertainment Singapore has to offer is quite a lot too. Since I moved her 5 years ago, I must say I am pretty happy with the development in this area. Singaporeans aren't that stiff afterall.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Ya, I agree with you. The nightlife in Singapore is getting increasingly vbrant.

It is SO HOT in Singapore during the day, that most Singaporeans really venture out to air-con shopping centres on weekends.

It is not really comfortable for most Singaporeans to be in the open during the day as it is so HOT, only when night comes, then more Singaporeans flock to places like Clarke Quay and other open places of interests.

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