Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life is a game of waiting

Life is a game of patient waiting ....for me, I am waiting patiently for that opportunity in career which will take me one more step closer to my career aspirations !

Patient waiting is not a game for those who cannot wait.. some wait for few years but still could not find that break in career to galvanize them towards their career goal, disheartened they give in to what they called fate and resign themselves to doing what they do not love......for LIFE. They are just carrying out their job for the sake of money to sustain their life, their families only and not their aspirations.

Hopefully, I would not end up like them. I think I am overtly critical on them for some circumstances are well beyond our means. Economic changes happen in the flash of an eye and render certain professions obsolete very fast. Newspapers are awash with reports of ex-managers becoming taxi drivers earning a much reduced pay cut after retrenchment.

So career is a game. In this society, when there are more and more graduates, many of us start with the same resources in career: basic degree but what distinguishes and propel some towards the apex of their career is EQ.

EQ is more important than IQ in this world, it will get you what you want, sooner or later.

Quote of the day:

"Be Greedy when others are Fearful and be Fearful when others are Greedy" .... Warren Buffet, current world's richest man

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Matthew Howard said...

I agree with you that your career is a game. My blog shows that perfectly. But I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog as well.

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