Saturday, May 03, 2008

Shut down Day Singapore

Today is Shut Down day Singapore, a day which advocates Singaporeans to stay unplugged from their laptops and computers for a day.

Alike many Singaporeans, I do not stay unplugged from my computer today. It is not because I do not recognize the important message behind this special day; it is more due to I celebrating this day everyday: by not being immersed in computers day and night (except during works where it is a necessity) and recognizing that life has a bigger meaning through the real and tactile interactions and relationships with our loved ones and others.

It is not a healthy living off your life on the computers, so one should embrace a more meaningful life!

Today I read in the news and this piece of news may deter more from being so hooked to the computers: A British study has discovered the typical keyboard contains five times as much bacteria as our typical toilet bowl. The same study also discouraged computer users to avoid dining on the computer desks as it is akin to eating your meals in the toilet !

Reading this, I would clean up my office’s computer desk first thing on Monday morning! and my house’s one now!

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