Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Yesterday’s Sunday Times invited two Human Resources authorities to postulate a price tag for the modern mother in Singapore. $23K and $8K per month were the figures put to the fore, taking into consideration the multi-roles that the modern mother has to juggle: baby-sitting, housekeeping, tutoring, financial controlling, etc.

To me, it is quite ludicrous to give a price tag to a full-time mother, bearing in mind that a full-time mother is a role played by a woman (not an occupation) who sacrifices her career ambitions for the much loftier goal of caring for her family. If I were to put a price tag to my mother; that amount would be priceless!

I have discovered the editors of Sunday Times, to a certain extent, like to play on salaries (in a bid to attract readership?); just a few weeks ago, the very paper reported news of investment bankers and real estate agents raking in $20,000 to $50,000 per month as salaries. These incomes are just reflective of the cream of the crop and are not indicative averages of the industry. To think that the same paper now capitalises on Mother’s Day to derive a monthly price tag for mothers……

Anyway, in life, though there are always high-income earners and sadly to say, the very the social yardstick to measure success in life is always on the money one earns; success in life is much bigger, in my opinion, it encompasses more than the monetary; it is also about relationships and enlightenment.

I have come across people earning tons of money, but sad to say, they do not have an enlightened mind and soul.

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