Thursday, May 22, 2008


While shaving yesterday night, I have inadvertently hurt a small patch of skin above my mouth. Blood soon oozed out and a small red blood scar was formed.

Having this small red blood scar was a bit inconvenient for me as I had a meeting today to attend to and this blood scar was not that presentable at all.

While waiting for the bus, I saw this young, fair and quite presentable lady walking towards her friends in the direction of me, everyone including me turned their heads towards her.

At this juncture, readers may be thinking that all of us turn our heads to admire her beauty; however it was not. A large portion of this young lady’s face was scarred (either from accidents or fires which I have presumed judging from the appearance of the scars).

After looking at her, I noticed how small my scar was as compared to hers which was permanent as well.

I do acknowledge looks are quite important to modern man and especially woman, thus it must be real traumatising for the young lady to suffer scarring on her face. Observing her for some time, she carried herself with grace, greeting her friends warmly with her cheerful smile, and seems boldly oblivious to the stares of others on her. I can sense her immense sense of strength emanating from her as she greets everyday life bravely.

Modern Singaporeans, especially women have always prized good looks as one of the most important things to possess in life. That explains the strong flourishing and growing business of salons from beauty salons, to salons offering manicure, pedicure, slimming, hair treatment, liposuction, chemical peeling, lasik……almost every part of the human body is covered.

Even for man, slimming centres, salons offering anti-balding treatments are making quick bucks.

I do acknowledge that looks may exert some importance in today’s society, especially for people in sales and work involving interaction with customers. Even for me, though I am not particular about how I really look and wear the most ordinary clothes and jeans everyday and that $10++ watch, I do also feel a sense of panic with my hair thinning each day.

The truth is looks are artificial fa├žade of the human body and they would fade away with time and with age, these are temporary, only a strong heart, mind, personality and soul would weather the challenges of times!

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