Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hotter and hotter

These days in Singapore are getting hotter and hotter. As I woke up today, I could not help but smelt the stench of dried sweat around my shirt. It was a super warm night yesterday and the fact that I belong to the group of Singaporeans having no air-conditioners at home did not help.

The temperature reading marched further north to 34 degree Celsius today and at this point of writing, I am still uncomfortable with the heat. To be exact, I am the person who could stand heat but not humidity. Heat coupled with humidity is a lethal combination which could frustrate an even patient and tolerant man under a no air-con environment. Fans could not help much in alleviating the discomfort as what they blow out in turn is hot air.

Singapore is largely air-conditioned currently. A decade ago, non air-conditioned buses were still present but today they are a rare breed. Occasionally taking a non air-con bus in the afternoon, I could feel the sweltering heat and my perspiration just roll profusely.

Human discomfort aside, the hot and humid climate of Singapore makes for an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, and it is thus no coincidence that the incidence of dengue fever outbreaks normally peak at the same period as the onset of the warmer weather.

The afternoon heat tend to make one more sleepy, especially after lunch; however with the majority of Singapore’s offices being air-conditioned, it is no cause for alarm for businesses here.

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