Thursday, May 29, 2008

Handphone radiation

Handphones have become the ubiquitous items of our times and in Singapore, the number of handphone users outnumber the total population!

I am always of the belief that handphone carries a certain risk, risk coming from its radiation, though there is no profound scientific confirmation on this.

Using handphone for 2 minutes, I can experience headaches which could last for hours! In fact, I experienced headaches on waking up when at the previous night, I have placed my handphone on standby mode next to my bed! The radiation from handphone can be so powerful that it can boil an egg!

Nowadays, I am always careful not to put the handphone near to my heart, or my ‘valuable part’ during work and try to put it inside my bag (just afraid it would be stolen).

I am not sure whether readers have also experienced similar ill health effects which they believe come from handphones? You may drop me an email and I would try to compile them on this blog.

Two websites for your reference by my ‘goggling’ on the word ‘handphone radiation’:,4139,79446,00.html

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