Friday, May 30, 2008

Get Rich Seminars

Everyday, the newspapers reek of advertisements with the tagline “Would you want to start a xxx business and earn $xxxx monthly? ” Earning money or starting a business that rakes in thousands of dollars seems to be a breeze, according to these newspapers.

I have attended some of these seminars before to discover what are the unique business strategies that these companies have to offer to common layman to lift them from the mundane ‘9 to 5’ job and catapult them into the ranks of the millionaires. Alls the forums seem to be of similar format as follows:

a) Highlight to the forum participants on the many painful compromises made to life by leading a normal employees’ life
b) Entice the audience of myriads benefits of financial freedom
c) Provide a unique business strategy and offer help
d) Re-emphasize that the participants have only themselves to reply on to achieve financial freedom and offer great help to them
e) Offer a coaching programme to master the unique business strategy at a greatly discounted price only on the day of seminar and add some pressure, coaxing the participants for sign-up.

In the most recent seminar I have gone, the speaker, a multi-millionaire, in his last stage of presentation, continued to harp on that the registration for the coaching programme was coming to a close in the coming 3 days and that the company would be taking in the last batch ever for such a programme to groom future business associates.

The speaker was very convincing of his business strategy and in his presentation as he hammered all his presentation points relentlessly and tenaciously into the participants, exciting them and sensing the exuberance has rub off on some participants, the presenter continued on his sale patter …..

Two weeks after the presentation, I saw the same advertisement from the same company appearing in the same papers and the advertisement run continued weeks after weeks, it was definitely not the last run of the coaching course as so proclaimed by the company.

Some people might have genuinely gained from these ‘Get-rich’ workshops, but what is this percentage of the initial number of participants for the programme? I have read letters from readers to the Straits Times forum, lamenting on how they lost few thousands spending money in an Option Trading course instead of garnering the profits as guaranteed by the company. Some of them even are working harder than before to recover the huge losses they amassed

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