Sunday, May 18, 2008

Electronic Birthday Treats

In an effort to go paperless, and to save a tree or so, some companies may have really gone a bit too far, at least in my opinion.

With my birthday nearing, I received a birthday card via email from my insurance provider, one of the largest in Singapore. No problem with that, however I was shocked to note the discount vouchers for certain items that the company had also sent as a birthday gift to me, appended at the bottom of the birthday card. The company has also kindly requested me to print out these discount coupons if I would like to use them.

I was put off by the lack of personal touch. I agree that certain hardcopies can be replaced by electronic mails but to adopt a broad stroke of the brush to all is hardly wise and can make customers think the company is a ‘cheapskate’ to save cost.

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