Friday, May 23, 2008

‘Eat with your family’ Day

Today is ‘Eat with family day', a day whereby employees are encouraged to return home earlier to dine with their families.

It is common to witness employees, decked in uniforms, returning home late at night on weekdays, visibly tired, with sloughing shoulders, and most of the time, heading to bed soon on reaching home. Reports suggest that tired and stressed out employees may be the reasons of the low birth rate too in this growing dual-income family society.

The toll of work on employees who often work past office hours either voluntarily or not is considerable: Such employees regularly eat their lunch and dinner outside, not a good thing, bearing in mind the wanting nutritional value and MSG of outside meals. Besides the nutritional front, insufficient sleep for these employees is hardly healthy to them too. With long hours spent at work, family time also takes a back seat in terms of quality and quantity.

The onus is for employers to take the initiative to provide a work environment that offers a work life balance to employees. It is often easier to say than to do this for most companies are profit-driven and emphasizes on performance of the employees. Clocking in and out punctually are taboos for many employees as it is akin to them being less hardworking than their peers.

The government is taking a lead in creating a culture of work life balance for employees and hopefully employers would take into cognizance of the other important aspect of their employees’ life apart from work.

Work is just one important aspect of life and it would be sad to have one spending a large proportion of his life working, without development in other aspects of life.

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