Sunday, May 04, 2008

Begin with the end in mind

Steven Covey encourages all to begin with the end in mind for any endeavour to maximise effectiveness. I believe his maxim shall be taken when one is pursuing an academic education.

We may have witnessed cases of people spending years studying for a particular degree, only to find out that, upon graduation, his real career aspirations do not jar with the route associated with the degree he has obtained.

It is hence paramount to have an end in mind, what one really wants to pursue for his career and do for the rest of his life.

With changing times, this can sometimes be easier to say than done. The world is changing at a mind-boggling speed, rendering certain industries obsolete in a matter of years. Students gunning for a specific degree may find themselves caught in a dilemma when there are no longer many openings in a certain industry once its wave has ebbed.
Times are changing, and although the onus is for one to constantly equip ourselves with knowledge and be relevant to the world, we have to catch up with changing paradigm shifts.

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