Thursday, May 22, 2008


Once in a while, I pop into a fast food restaurant and since many years ago till now, I always walk away, feeling that customer service in fast food restaurant here has not really changed.

The counter staffs in the fast food restaurants here often fall prey to assumption: assuming what the customers want. Immediately after placing your burger, fries or drinks on your tray, the counter staff would place few sachets of chilli sauce, often without the customer’s requesting. Even if the customer would request some sauce, it would always be chilli sauce.

Therein the customer service suffers from the weakness of assumption: assuming ALL customers want chilli sauces to accompany their orders. What happens to the sachets of tomato sauces? They seem to be prized catch, not that easy to be given away. Readers reading this post and who have visited the fast food restaurants would attest to this fact that unless one requests for tomato sauce specifically, what would be given to him would be chilli sauce! Try it the next time you visit the fast food restaurant.

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snoopy said...

Ha ha ha ... yes... indeed its quite true. Maybe tomato sauce here is pretty scarce. Or there is a assumption that locals prefer chilli than tomato.
I like tomato and thus would never give the staff a chance to serve me chilli.... :)

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