Friday, March 21, 2008

Singapore’s Happiest Person

Who is Singapore’s Happiest Person?

A search is now on, for the Happiest Person in Singapore.

To qualify, participants in the contest must be at least 18 years in age, have good disposition and show a strong sense of belonging. They must also contribute to society. The closing date of the search is till 30 March 2008.

The search is spearheaded by Mr. Philip Merry (the link of his name with happiness is pure coincidence), CEO and founder of Global Leadership Academy (GLA) as part of a well-being conference called the ‘New Science of Happiness and Well Being Conference’ to be held in the middle of April.

Mr. Philip has indicated to the press that some 2 or 3 Singaporeans have already signed up for the contest.

A poll has discovered that 90% of Singaporeans cited life in this tiny island is stressful and many hope that there would be more fun in their lives. The poll results run parallel to a Happy Planet Index, which ranks Singapore a low placing of 131 out of 178 countries in the happiness arena.

This hunt for the Happiest Person is launched with the existing hunt for Mas Selamat still ongoing. The latter hunt seems futile as it continues into the 4th week since the escape of Mas Selamat.

Mas Selamat may be the happiest person in Singapore as he is still uncaught despites the carpet combing searches involving the whole nation and international police.

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The Oriental Express said...

I thought that the 3 people were nominated - not signed up?

Living in Singapore is so exciting! With the unbelievable escape of Mas Selamat, and now this search for someone with a smiley face! :-)

Singaporeans need more fun!? Where in the world can I greet friends and associates with, "Good morning, chow an, bonjour, selamat pagi, namaste, yap per di irikere, ohio gozaimaz, gute morgan, ahn nyong ha se yo!? We are such a cosmopolitan, colorful, little nation and we can sing and create jokes in so many languages!

Cheers to happiness! May we all continue to learn from "The happiest person in Singapore!" :-)
Most importantly, may we all continue to count our blessings, and name them one by one!

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