Saturday, March 22, 2008


Singapore’s weather is interesting. It never rains but pours. What seems to be a very hot and humid Saturday day in the morning was suddenly disrupted when it poured heavily in the late afternoon throughout many parts of Singapore.

Luckily I am always armed with a weapon against rain: the umbrella. I only knew how heavy the rain was when my shoes were utterly soaked as I stepped out into the deep puddles of water, braving the rain with my small umbrella.

It proved futile as the rain and wind were coming in from all directions and half of my body was soaked. Halfway throughout my ordeal to get to my destination in the rain, I felt a pat on my shoulder, and before I could realise, there was a man who had, without my consent, sought hostage in my umbrella! This was the first time I encountered such a situation and I could understand him if he were really in a rush of time, but he should have the decency to seek the permission of me before such a ‘hitch-hike’. As a result of the sharing, I became wetter than before.

However I was glad to offer some help and relief to the man who would have waited for some time before the rain stopped though his request was somehow abrupt and not courteous.

I cannot imagine if he had done the same to a lady, the lady would have been frightened by such an intrusion of privacy under an umbrella and may find this man’s act of patting on her back as a transgression of her modesty.

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