Monday, March 24, 2008

Goreng Pisang

A reader of a local daily recently sparked an interest (or rather a disinterest) in Goreng Pisang (malay word for ‘fried banana cakes’) among Singaporeans when she wrote in, narrating her vivid account of witnessing a hawker in Malaysia throwing plastic straws in hot frying oil; once the straws were molten, the hawker commenced his cooking of his Goreng Pisangs in this ‘plastic oil’!

According to the writer, the hawker had cited that Goreng Pisangs cooked in this manner would turn out superbly crispy and the crispiness would last for a very long time!

Local authorities here are quick to alleviate Singaporeans’ concerns by announcing that hitherto, their regular stringent checks on food stalls selling Goreng Pisang have not discovered any acts of such nature.

Scientists here have also debunked the fact that the cakes cooked in this manner would turn out crispy as the ‘theory’ does not hold water with scientific reasoning.

Though everything may turn out well with the cooking of our favorite cake here, after hearing the report, I have, to a certain extent, feel disgusted and would not be indulging in these cakes for the time being.

There are always urban legends concerning the cooking of some signature dishes in Singapore. A popular saying in the past cited the squeezing of earth worms to yield nice fluids in enhancing the flavor of the curry used in laksas.

Singaporeans are gourmets and may not mind the cooking of food if the food goes down well into his stomach.

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