Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coffee Boutique Restaurant

I had a taste of the uber-rich when I met my friends today at one of the latest coffee boutiques that have sprung up in Singapore recently.

I was not the one who had initiated going to this boutique restaurant for a coffee and I have never been to this restaurant before. However being a high class boutique restaurant, I have expected the possibly high prices of the coffee that they serve in this restaurant.

My beliefs were affirmed as I glanced through the menu, looking at prices from $4.30 onwards. I ordered the least expensive cup of coffee (at $4.30 of course), and when my cup of coffee came, I was shocked and dumbfounded.

The cup of coffee that was presented to me was nothing like that presented in the brochure. Presented in the brochure was a familiar regular-sized cup from which I normally drink my fluids, however what appeared in front of me when the waiter arrived was a super tiny cup and a miserable portion of Italian Expresso that I could easily complete it in less than one-quarter gulp! Alas, such insignificant portion of what was touted to be premium coffee commands such high prices: $4.30 and including 7% GST and 10 % service charge, the price tag this small insignificant amount of coffee commands becomes $5.03! which may be more expensive than a bowl of sharp fin in such tiny quantities!

$5.03! I can easily have two bowls of ‘ban mian’ @ $2 and two glasses of grass jelly drink @ $0.50 at a regular hawker centre that I patrol with $0.03 still spare. However, the prices of food and drinks at hawker and food centres are also increasing in tandem with inflation.

Such coffee boutique joints which sell small cups of coffee at such premium prices would still able to operate and sustain in our country as there are still many Singaporeans and expatriates who do not mind to fork out premium prices for a drink and meal at what they believe to be classy dining places. These are rich people of course!

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