Thursday, March 06, 2008

News this week

Billionaires (6 Mar)

Warren Buffet has ‘overthrown’ Bill Gates to be the richest man on earth with a staggering net worth of US$62 billion. List

Terminal 4 (6 Mar)

Singapore’s Minister of State for Transport Ms Lim Hwee Hua announced in the debate on her ministry’s spending plans today, that the government is planning another Airport Terminal 4, to better prepare for the surging air traffic volume in the next few years and to fend off competition in the region.

With the huge Changi Airport Terminal 3 costing 1.75 billion just open in January, it is an unexpected piece of news to many.

Terminal 4 may be built to rival Beijing Airport’s $3.8 billion third terminal, just open on 29 February 2008, which is bigger than all the five terminals at London’s Heathrow.

Singapore already has 3 airport terminals, should the 4th be built to fend off competition and to find itself to be underutilised upon completion, it would go in the way of the few ‘white elephants’ such as the Esplanade.

Murderer shot dead (6 Mar)

A police officer shot dead a man in Outram MRT station this afternoon. The man had killed his friend in a coffee shop in the vicinity just moments earlier.

It is one of the very rare instances in Singapore when a police enforcement officer opened fires during duties.

But the shot was fired as the murderer has tried to endanger the police officer with his knife within 3 metres.

Mas Selamat is still at large

It has been more than a week and Mas Selmat has not been found. The police authorities still believed Mas is still in Singapore. The week-long stringent checks on vehicles and their boots have caused massive jams on both sides of the causeway and the inconvenience to motorists that came along.

Soldiers, policemen and Gurkhas continued their search for Mas among the densely forested parts of the island, but all their efforts were in vain. Nature experts believed that should Mas be hiding in the dense forests of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, he could possibly hold out for a long period of time, subsisting on the vast array of flora, fauna and water in the forests which would serve as food. In their own words, “Mas could eat what monkeys eat as what they eat would be safe for consumption.”

Since the incident, the police has eschewed from offering a reward for information leading to the capture of Mas. However, several Singaporeans, from businessmen to real estate agents, have come forward to offer such rewards from $1,000 to $10,000 from their own pockets.

In my own modest opinion, Mas shall have left Singapore or would have been harboured by one of his supporters. The police may be engaging in a wild goose chase.

Singapore Table Tennis Women Heroines

Singapore’s women Table Tennis team put up a sterling performance at the World’s Championship, clinching the runner-up title, only to return home, without any welcome fanfare or cheers by Singaporeans and the Singapore Table Tennis Association.

Singaporeans may still be mired in the belief that our foreign sports talents are still not our ‘local products’ and hence may not really share in the pride and joy of the achievements of these foreign talents.

By the way, ‘foreign talent’ is a term uniquely Singaporean.

Singapore is Best Asian City to live

Singapore is the best city in the world for Asian expatriates to live in mainly due to its quality of life and low crime rate, a survey released Tuesday 4 March 2008 by ECA International showed.

Singapore is indeed a nice place to live in though I do dread the long working hours put in by many Singaporeans at work which made taking a nap in the buses, trains among employees such a common sight.

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