Friday, March 14, 2008

22 degree celsius

Yesterday’s night might be the one of the coldest here in recent months when the thermometer registered an unusual low reading of 22 degree Celsius.

It has been raining daily in the afternoons and evenings since the start of March; so much so that this month can actually be a good month for employees to clear their leaves; the drowsiness among many employees in this weather is inevitable and understandable.

Apart from the aforementioned reason, the weeklong school holidays in March has provided additional incentives for couples with children for taking of leaves during this period to holiday with their children.

The whole of Singapore was practically air-conditioned yesterday night. Despites the massive intensive manhunt, the cold weather and the torrents of rain pelted, Mas Selamat has still not been ‘flushed out’ by all of these natural and man-made elements (if he is still in Singapore).

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