Friday, November 02, 2007

Who really works?

No man is an island at work. Everyone depends on another in order to complete a certain task in work. One’s attitude towards work is important not only to himself but also to his colleagues around him. The latter fact is true as one’s work attitude in work is infectious, it affects others and this is particularly true for personnel holding managerial positions at work.

Can you imagine if one’s boss is a slacker or a complete mess himself, so much so that he cannot even lead himself, lest others? Often the section or department under him would become demotivated, leading to a decline in staff morale and overall productivity.

Such managers are not leaders, they shall not be even called managers in the beginning as they could not even manage themselves. Scores of such officers may be appointed to a high flying position based on the belief that they are capable and not due to the very fact that they are capable. They may be proven in their earlier ages that they WERE capable in studies and co-curricular activities, but this capability shall not be interpreted as capability in future work.

Often when there is a huge hierarchy in organizations, the management may become distant from the actual staff doing the ground so much so that power may be devolved to the ranks which are just slightly above the lower ranks. The latter ranks may call the shots much more than the higher management in terms of ‘real’ or technical powers, and the higher management hence may ‘give way’ to the lower management as a compromise.

It may be perturbing also to witness in some organizations, the hardworking ones are penalised, doing a slew of work which is not only theirs but also those of their managers or subordinates, as the latter do not carry out their own work not because they cannot but because they do not want to.

Instead of contributing at work, one may see these officers with a wrong attitude at work playing computer games, reading news at internets, hogging the pantries, reading newspapers, chit-chatting, busy on the phone, using the company’s utilities for washing.

The hardworking and committed ones may be penalised, the lazy, the unworthy and uncommitted ones may enjoy doing no work and drawing the same pay.

I view it as a matter of conscious. At the end of a day, I feel proud to earn my daily wages, it is not against my conscious if I work hard or commit sufficiently to earn my wages.

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