Sunday, November 04, 2007


Flipping through the TODAY newspaper every Saturday, I come across the logic game ‘Super Sudoku’ where it was aptly described as ‘tough for the die-hard Sudoku junkies’.

Admittedly, I play Sudoku less than ten times in my life at a level deemed to be ordinary, easy for many, on those occasions when I am really free. Looking at the description of the ‘Super Sudoku’ in the newspapers, it seems to be a difficult puzzle for many, even for regular players.

Having nothing to do while travelling in the MRT yesterday, I dug up a pen and attempted to solve this supposedly difficult puzzle. And guess what? I managed to solve this puzzle within a modest timing of 25 minutes !

Though this timing may not be impressive to Sudoku players, the fact that I, an average player with not much practice in Sudoku, is able to solve the puzzle, is more important !

The ‘tough’ description of the game may deter people who are not regular Sudoku players from attempting the challenge, but only those who really try the game will find it otherwise.

The lesson learnt from this simple episode is immense: In life, we are often told that a task is very tough, near impossible, and this will often deter many of us from attempting the task. This is where the challenge comes in.

People who will rise to the challenge will be those who build up the mindset, the perseverance to overcome the challenge, ignoring the tagname given to the tough challenge and constantly believe in themselves that they could do it.

A positive mindset to overcome the odds, coupled with the confidence to take on the challenge are keys to overcoming challenges or obstacles in life.

Though not all challenges can be overcome, one can take comfort for having at least tried to solve the challenges. This is applicable to life as well.

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