Sunday, November 11, 2007

Singapore population

Figures released this week by the authority revealed the following statistics of our population:

3.68 million Singaporeans and Permanent Residents and

1 million foreigners: 756, 000 working (110,000 E Pass workers and 646,000 holders of work permits).

Foreigners and permanent residents are becoming common sights in our society. Though some Singaporeans are less welcoming of them, it is noteworthy to see that some of these permanent residents and foreigners making good contributions to society, with an increasing number of them being involved in grassroots work.

They are also making a mark on the landscape of Singapore with enclaves formed over time. Some of these enclaves are specially earmarked for them by the government, others developed over a period of time from a natural result of their congregation over time.

It is easy to pass remarks at foreigners resulting from some preconceive ideas we may have about them. It is more useful for Singaporeans to understand them and welcome them into our society for they too are contributing to the common good of the nation.

To a certain extent as a result of an increasing population, I begin to realise that Singapore may be getting more and more crowded than before. Just try going to the shopping centres in the city and in Orchard on weekends!

One can also witness the throngs of people coming out from the train which had arrived at a platform of a MRT station situated in a residential hub. Immediately, the quiet platform is transformed to a bustling marketplace in a matter of seconds !

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