Sunday, November 11, 2007


Reading the news today, I find it unbelievable that a teacher, supposedly to be highly educated, can fall prey to swindlers from China.

Singaporeans may not be really clever judging by the significant numbers of Singaporeans who were tricked by these swindlers. They ranged from professionals to those in the lower rungs of the society.

Taiwanese Li Ao has labelled Singaporeans stupid. It is time for Singaporeans to show the world that they are not stupid and not falling prey to tricks which are meant more for children.

Singapore’s old men are also being targeted by some China dolls for their wealth of income accumulated over a lifetime of hard work. These poor men lost their entire wealth to these dolls eventually and suffered.

This is what I have read from a book the other time.

In terms of shrewdness,

1 Chinese Man (China) = 2 Taiwanese Man=3 Hong Kong men = 4 Singaporeans

Are Singaporeans getting lesser wiser compared to their regional counterparts as a result of being raised in a comfortable environment?

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