Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nature of Singapore

In tiny Singapore where life on the weekends can be pretty mundane, where time on weekends are mostly spent in shopping malls and restaurants (just see the throngs of crowds on weekends at these places!), an alternative get-away would be the farms of Singapore.

To many, Singapore is largely urban but there are still rural areas on the outskirts of Singapore in the northern parts. There are over ten farms that one can spend time visiting on the weekends and savour the rural landscape and rustic charms.

I have been to such farms in Singapore and it is definitely a day worth spending at these places. Away from the maddening crowd, one get up, close and personal to nature, to animals and to plants. One is also able to see the places of Singapore less explored. A website that must be recommended for interested farm-goers is

Apart from farms, there are also parks to visit where one can feel the breeze of the sea and feel soothed. Cycling, jogging and skating are also activities one can indulge in, in parks like East Coast Park.

However, as a regular park goer, I find that parks like East Coast Park is increasingly being ‘urbanized’ by an increasing crowd and getting dirtier as a result of a larger volume of refuse generated by the park-goers.

In time to come, there may be really a need to explore true uninhabited islands to feel truly at peace and at ease with nature and with oneself.

Having stayed on a remote island where there is really nothing at all, I have also appreciated how technology has made living more convenient and comfortable for human beings. To a certain extent, as a Singaporean, I have also learnt to appreciate the Singapore government’s excellent job in making living an orderly and pleasant experience for all on the island.

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