Sunday, November 04, 2007


Yesterday, I attended a talk on leadership presented by a director of one MNC in Singapore. The speaker was an eloquent, fantastic presenter, who peppered his speech with live anecdotes and practical examples.

Personally, I myself had read books after books on leadership. And taking the presentations that I had attended and the books I had read on leadership in totality, there are definitely myriads of leadership definitions in the world today!

Personally, I view leadership as the following:

a. Taking charge of yourself before taking charge of others

b. Having discipline and the means to work with people.

c. Being an exemplary example to others, with a clear direction to lead others.

These are just the main salient points of what I believe in leadership. I believe leadership must start with oneself. It is unfortunate to witness that in some organizations, people climb into leader positions not by capability but by perceived capability and by some other means.

One will only know the effectiveness of one’s leadership skills by what one’s followers or subordinates say. Over time, one will be able to sieve out true leaders from who came into leadership positions by other means.

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