Sunday, November 11, 2007

Internet addiction

Internet is a priceless invention but it has brought about its share of social problems. In Singapore, one of the countries in the world with the highest internet connections, one can witness the social problems brought about by this new medium of communication and information.

With internet, one can email, play games, watch movies, communicate and chat via an array of different means; carry out banking transactions, listen to music and indulge in a whole slew of other activities.

The social ills of internet stem from its inappropriate use. Companies suffer from decreased productivity when their staffs misuse the internet for chatting and other non-work related activities during working hours.

We are also seeing an increasing number of internet addicts among the youngsters, who are easy preys to the lure of the internet. Youths who spent hours and hours everyday in the net, rooted to their seats, are common phenomena in our society.

Playing games and chatting with friends are common activities the youths indulge inside the internet. Being addicted to the internet, these young folks will not hesitate to rebel against anyone, even their parents and siblings, who chastise them for spending too excessive an amount of time in these activities. One must be aware that plugging off the power supply to the computer is akin to plugging off the life of these youths! Heavy addicts may even resort to violence when their ‘life’ is being taken off!

One must be cognizant that internet addiction can be a serious social problem. Youth are the pillars for the future of our country. It will be a worrying trend if our future leaders are steeped into these less purposeful activities on the internet.

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