Monday, November 26, 2007

Flu Bug

Singapore seems to be gripped in a mini flu epidemic in the recent weeks. Many colleagues of mine were given medical leaves due to the common cold. In the buses and MRTs, it is getting commonplace these days to witness passengers sneezing and coughing, and to a certain extent, infecting others who have not contracted the disease.

This mini-epidemic often coincides with the close of the year when there is a change in the weather from hot to rainy. But this year, unlike other years, the weather is the most unpredictable: the morning and afternoons are unusually hot, then there is the occasional rain and at night, it may get extremely hot, humid and uncomfortable, especially when one’s house is not air-conditioned.

At this period when common flu is prevalent, one who has contracted the disease should consult a doctor and refrain from going out and infecting the uninfected. Doctors here have warned that the flu strain this year has mutate to a more drug-resistant strain and thus this strain of flu is more challenging to counteract than its predecessors.

December is a month of celebration, a month of reflection and a month to prepare to usher in the coming New Year. It is a saddening thought to be infected with cold or other diseases and not being able to participate in the yearly celebrations.

Herein lies the importance maintaining one’s health: exercising regularly, eating fruits and drink enough water, having sufficient sleep and observing one’s food intake.

We can only seek to minimise getting infected, a 100% protection against disease is unrealistic.

Personally, I believe man’s health and immune system has deteriorated as a result of the ecological damages brought to Mother Earth. This is one of the unfortunate consequences of the ecological damage.

Millions of years ago, scorpions and other insects were bigger than present day human but as a result of the changing environmental conditions of the earth, they have shrunk to present size.

Similarly, the consequences of ecological damage left one to fathom.

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