Monday, November 26, 2007

Educational Shows

Though Singapore’s home-made TV productions has come a long way since independence, I believe its contents can be further improved.

Often, new local entertainment shows or dramas are of the similar mould or if not, exactly similar to what local viewers had seen of its Taiwan or Hong Kong Counterparts.

Chinese serial shows are often of the same genre, focusing on an extended family where the protagonists are often embroiled in a series of quarrels and caught in a complicated web of love and relationships, etc.

At least, there is still the broadcast of Hong Kong and Taiwanese productions on the free-to-air channels which is a real breather.

Recently, there is a new Chinese documentary showing on Channel U at 2130 hrs on Tuesday where Professor Yu Dan from China waxes philosophical about the Confucian beliefs and melded with the high tech animations to reinforce the messages. It is an extremely educational show. Such shows are sadly to say, lacking in this complex era of changes.

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